As an individual I enjoy many things as long as they are in some way practical. I find it exciting to creating something or solve a problem using my skills and knowledge. If I also have to learn more skills or research a new subject then that is an additional bonus that I relish. In my career I have been very lucky, I have been working for the same organisation for over 20 years. The reason for this is that I am always challenged in the role I play. My philosophy is that nothing is impossible and I can do anything given the time. I continue even now to surprise myself in achieving the unexpected. So I felt it was time I shared my enthusiasm with others hence this web site. If you have an idea or need help to solve a problem but have no clue how to achieve it then give me a chance to help.

Products and Services

As well as undertaking these activities autonomously I also find working with on projects as part of a team rewarding, so if you have any projects that need additional resources I would be pleased to discuss how I may be able to assist.